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I finally got my own copies of issues eleven and twelve. I had borrowed
them from a friend before, but re-reading all twelve issues really left
me with a desire to say: Thank you!

Now, I have a question about the newborn Laurel David passes on his way
out of the hospital: her dad claims "It was a difficult birth. We almost
lost her twice." Now, this probably refers to some specific points along
David and Laurels journey, but I'm not sure where it would fit in. She
was hurt fighting more often than two times, and those wounds didn't
seem serious.

My guess would be that Laurel would have been 'lost' to her parents if
David had agreed to let Laurel end his life. She would have returned to
the void, waiting to be summoned again, and so couldn't have been
born. However, Laurel asked David three times. I suppose if the first
time was early in the journey, it would have been more than nine months
before her eventual birth, so the parents could not have noticed

So, did you have anything specific in mind with this remark? Or does
anyone else here have a theory?

"I asked mom if I was a gifted child... she said they certainly
 wouldn't have *paid* for me."
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No, basically it was just in reference to the birthing process...obviously her
parents would in no way know about what went on in the other side.  

And thanks....


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