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Feel free to ignore this....

Okay, so I've had the same basic look in eyeglasses for...let's say a long time
now, and there are any number of people around me just tactless enough to
suggest that *maybe* aviators of this style went out in the 70s and maybe I
ought to consider, oh, theydunno, joining the 21st century someday....

Anyway, I've been looking around and the only style of glasses that I've come
across that looks like something I'd like is the style worn by Redford in "Spy
Game."  I've shown some fuzzy jpgs to my optometrist who says it's a modified
horn-rimmed style but he couldn't nail down the exact style or modification.

So if anybody out there happens to know the exact style of glasses used, lemme
know.  Just in case I really do get tired of being told "that's SO last


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