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"James Bell" <jamesb at naxs.com> writes:
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> > (On the annoying side...fell Saturday and fractured and sprained
> > my left ankle, AND fractured and dislocated my right ring finger,
> > so I may be typing even less than usual for a bit.)
> >  jms
> Have you ever considered trying one of the voice recognition programs?  Both
> Via Voice and Dragon Naturally Speaking are supposed to be pretty good once
> they know your voice.

Well, I have Via Voice and unfortunately, I mumble apparently, so
although it's fine when I'm declaiming into the microphone, a normal
sentence is parsed rather badly.  JMS's mileage may vary.

JMS, maybe life is trying to tell you something.  (Naah, I don't
believe it either.)


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My attorney pointed out that this little accident happened the very next day
after I had Jeremiah saying fuck you to god...I am not amused.


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