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jbonetati at aol.com (Jan) wrote...
> << In retrospect I don't think I had phrased that correctly. I was actually
> poking fun at the fact that I thought I saw the Joe's Comics in the upper
> left-hand corner of the Captain Iron comic that was shown onscreen during
> the episode. ; )  >>
> OH!  Very cool, if so.  I missed that and didn't tape the episode so I can't go
> back and look.  Hope somebody else can verify this.  Joe?  You there?

Very good catch! I totally missed it but I went back and caught it
toward the end where Kurdy hands Jeremiah a copy of Captain Iron which
definitely has a Joe's Comics imprint on it. I will try getting a
screen cap soon, so check my web site in a day or so. ;) I am too
tired to do it tonight ...

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Just as an FYI on this week's episode, "And the Gound, Sown with Salt"...this
is one of the hardest things I've written, and may be one of the best.  It's
just totally unrefuckinglenting, there are some great performances...it's a
tough episode that takes stuff right to the wall.  It's one of my favorites.

(On the annoying side...fell Saturday and fractured and sprained my left ankle,
AND fractured and dislocated my right ring finger, so I may be typing even less
than usual for a bit.)

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