[B5JMS] "Rising Stars" Brings Peace to the Middle East

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>You must not have read his post, he says in the first sentence
>he didn't read it.  You might note his country code .il is
>Israel, so it seems entirely appropriate that he post
>his conclusion contrasting the events in the Rising Stars issue
>and the real world.  And this is valid regardless of what the comic
>book says in the dialogue.

It cannot be a valid response if he didn't read the book.  He is criticizing
without knowing what he's criticizing, therefore his opinion is not valid.  As
Harlan said, you're not entitled to your opinion, you're entitled to your
*informed* opinion.  If he didn't bother to get informed, to just slag off the
book without actually reading it, his opinion is not valid, I don't care what
his country code is.  That's not a justification for not doing your homework.


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