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>What I'm looking for is the ending of a B5 episode that ends with
>action or a big moment right before fade-out, something that's kind
>of a visual wow moment, and I'm in forest-for-the-trees mode.

Well, there was Sheridan's fat ass frogging off of the precipice in

The tableau at the end of Gropos.

The ships exiting the jump point in 'A Voice in the Wilderness Pt 1'.

Delenn preparing the cocoon at the end of Chrysalis.

The closing scene in War Without End Pt 2.

Cartagia talking with his 'heads of state', can't recall which

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>Well, there was Sheridan's fat ass frogging off of the precipice in

Thanks to all, and especially to all who suggested "Z'ha'dum," because that's
the one I think that will fit our needs.  Not that I can *explain* that need at
the moment, but with hope, in time, all will become clear.

Thanks again to all who helped.


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