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> JMS is one of the few people out there who both understands Science
> Fiction AND show biz.  He can balance story AND profit margin.  There
> just aren't that many people able and/or willing to do that.

I don't know - he hasn't managed to keep a readily franchisable show in
production (ie: B5 spinoffs) as yet. In terms of production costing I'm sure
he's managed well and there can be no question of his writing talents. But
he can't quite make a show stick... (other than B5 itself)


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>I don't know - he hasn't managed to keep a readily franchisable show in
>production (ie: B5 spinoffs) as yet.

I find this a very weird statement, on a number of levels.  In relation to B5,
Crusade never had the *chance* to get anywhere because TNT pulled out before a
single ep was ever aired.  

And let me ask you: what is enough?  If I created B5, and it endures, are you
saying that my skills aren't much because I haven't had ten zillion franchise
spinoffs out there?  Is that what the measure of success has become,

Hell, I wasn't even sure I wanted B5 to become a franchise; I just wanted to
tell a good story.  

The fact is that, from the time it debuted, to now, almost 10 years, B5 has
been in constant broadcast, first in its debut, then in constant reruns.  If
I'd done *nothing else* ever, that would be a lifetime's worth of

But your comment also ignores other items, such as the fact that I was one of
two producers who launched Walker, Texas Ranger, which became a franchise; that
I came on board Murder, She Wrote at a time when it was in the 30s ratings-wise
and helped bring it up to the top 10 again, where it continued to be an ongoing
franchise for many years; that I (insert chagrined expression here) did He-Man,
which became the ultimate franchise.  I've also taken Spider-Man, which was
selling poorly, and taken it to Marvel's #3 comic (PRIOR to the movie coming

So I can do the franchise thing just fine, thanks.

But making a franchise, and telling a story, are not the same things.  I don't
care much about the former; I do care about the latter.


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