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From: "Joseph DeMartino" <jdemarti at bellsouth.net>
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Sort of related to an earlier thread, but on the UK "B5" newsgroup
someone asked why - according to play 24/7 - the R2 release of S1 was
listed as "4:3 Standard" while the import R1 version was listed as
"widescreen"   I checked Play 24/7 and about eight other R2 websites.
Several don't give aspect ratio information at all, but every single one
that does lists the shows as "4:3 standard"  Do you know if they are
just porting the exiting PAL transfers to DVD for the European release,
or if someone in the Warner Bros. Europe marketing department is just
sending out wrong information?



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Insofar as I know, they are the same in both versions, WB has never indicated
that they are doing anything different for the overseas market.


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