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>Yup. In terms of belligerence, the USA is the new Soviet Union, which
>is *not* something of which to be proud.

  *Really*?   So you are about to get that knock on your door for speaking out?

  Joe has said even harsher and he's about to be sent to Alaska to count trees?

  Here is what a SOVIET said about the US:
    I'd rather have the United States be the world's policeman than have the
Soviet Union be the world's jailer.
-- attrib. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

  And he actually knew the difference.

  Since when, in the last 50 years, has the US annexed the territory it took? 
Since when does the first bit of public dissent result in 20 years in a gulag?

  the US is a very different place from the Soviet Union.  That you can even
make the comparison is proof enough.  That Joe can post here and villify Bush,
largely for things he's not even done, there is proof.
   The best proof of all - all the declarations of a stolen election.  in a
REAL totalitarian police state, every one that made that accusation, after it
was made, would just disappear.

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>*Really*?   So you are about to get that knock on your door for speaking out?

On the other hand, we are hearing about more and more cases of people being
arrested for expressing an anti-war sentiment. 

Most recent case in point, a father and son who were accosted by security at a
shopping mall in Albany, NY, for wearing t-shirts that said GIVE PEACE A
CHANCE, shirts that, btw, they had *bought* at that same mall the day before.

When the father refused to remove the t-shirt, he was arrested.  There have
been other cases of such arrests.  


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