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Will there be more Babylon 5 and what are your new projects?
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>Will there be more Babylon 5 and what are your new projects?

To part one of your question, one never knows.

To part two...season 2 of Jeremiah is just about finished in terms of
production, and will go on the air sometime probably early or mid August.

Spidey continues to come out regularly.

My new comic, Supreme Power, also from Marvel, debuts July 16, with art by Gary

Now that Jeremiah is done, I'll be turning my attention to finishing off Rising

I have a new television series currently in development, we finalized the
contract with the company last week, and we'll see where it goes.

The director of Daredevil has said he wants to make Midnight Nation his next
film, so we're taking meetings over the next few weeks to see if we can make
that happen.

Just finished the commentaries and interviews for the B5 Year 3 DVD set, and I
think it's a bit better than the year 2 commentary I did, which I think kinda
sucked.  Year 2 comes out in April.

I'm doing a new audio drama series which I can talk about more later.  We
should go into production as soon as I've finished the last of the scripts over
the next week or so.

I know there's some other stuff, but I've just forgotten it.  (There may also
be some strong interest in Polaris from another studio.)


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