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>Most recent case in point, a father and son who were accosted by security
>at a
>shopping mall in Albany, NY, for wearing t-shirts that said GIVE PEACE A
>CHANCE, shirts that, btw, they had *bought* at that same mall the day before.

joe, i'll forgive you for not knowing that we went over this when it occured,
weeks ago :-)  given your busy schedule.  but most here pretty much agreed on 3
main points, A) being a mall, it was private property and thus the mall had the
right to ask them to leave or face arrest, B) mall cops aren't traditionally
the brightest lot. C) it was a moot point after all charges were dropped.  just
to avoid this discussion again...

and btw, if this is the "most recent case"...then we're doing quite well since
this was weeks ago. 

...the people getting arrested at protests/rallies are the ones who are
disturbing the peace...ironically enough...while many others are free to
protest as long as they like. 

as an aside, is annoying people by blocking traffic really the best way to try
to get people on your side? ;-)


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>...the people getting arrested at protests/rallies are the ones who are
>disturbing the peace...ironically enough...while many others are free to
>protest as long as they like. 

The hypocrisy includes "penning" people with anti-Bush signs, while allowing
pro-Bush crowds to throng wherever they like.  People with protest signs are
herded into areas where they can't be seen by cameras or by Bush supporters, in
flagrant violation of their rights, while others -- often far more noisy and
intrusive -- are allowed to assemble wherever they want.  This is the first
time this kind of constant penning of dissenting opinions has been done this

And for those who always say "cite your source" on these things, you can find
one at:



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