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From: "Rob Scott" <spamagnet at eventbooking.com>
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V-Man ...
>   B) The US military does NOT WANT a draft.  When we had one previously,
it was
> subject to corruption, abuse, and produced the least common denominator of
> soldier, whereas an all-volunteer force is one that wants to be there,
wants to
> do the job, for the very best of reasons.

>   *I* was a volunteer soldier, served in the post-draft era, and NOBODY,
> or now, wants a return to the draft.  The services are better off without

You're exactly right -- the attempt to re-institute a draft was purely
political. The US military doesn't want a draft, and it doesn't *need* a
draft since it is less reliant on massive numbers of people than it used to
be. With today's high-tech weaponry, a small group of well-trained people
can field greater force than ever before.

Rob Scott

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On the topic of intimidation and where things seem to be going...came across
this piece today.  Note: it is an editorial, but it does site specific charges
in support of that editorial.



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