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Just to let folks know the latest...Buddy is still hanging fire over in the
guest bedroom, where he's had his digs set up.  Gaining weight and cuteness
factors by at a frightening rate.  Still looking for someone trustworthy to
adopt him.  The cypress trees we dug up to get him will never be the same
again, I fear, but I'd rather have them dead and him alive than vice-versa.

If somebody wants to put up some photos where people can see him, let me know
here and I'll send you some jpgs of His Unholy Cuteness.

One sidelight: a local cat and kitten rescue group has been extremely helpful
in dealing with all the other cats that moved onto the property, getting the
adults spayed/neutered, and finding homes for the kittens.  If any of the folks
who've been following this story want to make a donation in the name of Babylon
5 to this group, you should certainly feel free to do so.  Like any such group,
they live from hand to mouth (or paw to maw), and I'm sure they'd be happy with
any help.

They can be reached at www.kittenrescue.org and if you're looking for kittens
to adopt, they're the ones to contact.  (Who knows, you might get one of the
kittens they rescued from Casa Straczynski.)

Main thing is...he's happy, and well, and bouncing around and refuses to
understand that we just *call* that thing at the other end of a cable a mouse,
it isn't *really* a mouse and PUT THAT DOWN....


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