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Hey ya...

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> >The main problem I have with his work is that he can't do sarcasm very
> Oh, sure, big talk, you with your fancy ways and your big city talk.
> Ha! I say, and Ha! again.
> Philistine.
>  jms

Dude. If u are really JMS then u have to do me a big-time favor and do more
stuff with Spidey and Doctor Strange. Putting those two together is like
fanning a flame to get it burning hotter.
On the one hand you have Spidey who is basically a kid with enormous power,
but he always has time to get a joke in somehow.
On the other hand you have Doctor Strange, a really straight, stoic, sober
kind of guy with enormous power too, but no sense of humor (at least
anything that mere mortals would understand. You know...A Doctor Strange
joke goes something like this: "What happens when you cross a witch with a
Garden Gnome?" And Spidey is like, "Huh?!?!?!?!!?" And Doc is like, "You get
a Bleezat Plat!!!!! BWAHHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!!" And Spidey is like, "Oh My

It is just like Martin and Lewis, Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy,
Hope and Crosby, etc!


You know...it is like every time Spidey meets Doctor Strange Spidey usually
ends up just scratchin his head and saying something like, "Man, that was
WEIRD!!!" And Doctor Strange just looks at Spidey with his really straight
face and says something like, "What a noob..., and next time u stand next to
that statue there don't play with it's pentagram!!!"

Just an idea...

Matt Man.

You know there needs to be more humor in comics.

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Though I can't take story ideas or suggestions, see below...suffice to say you
will get your wish in the 3 parter leading up to issue 500.


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