[B5JMS] ADMIN NOTE: Posting and filtering

b5jms at cs.columbia.edu b5jms at cs.columbia.edu
Fri Aug 8 16:27:29 EDT 2003

Hi, folks.

Recently we have noticed two trends that we would like to comment on: The
number of attempted postings coming from members, and the number of refused
messages going to members.

First, a reminder: The B5JMS list is a ONE-WAY list only. This means that
only mail goes out. We collect messages from the newsgroups that JMS posts
on and forward them to you. JMS does not read this list! Further, the list
is configured so that postings you make will simply get discarded.

Unfortunately, we are unable to edit the pre-written parts of the B5JMS web
page (http://lists.cs.columbia.edu/mailman/listinfo/b5jms/) and the welcome
message to indicate that posting is not permitted.

What this means is that questions/comments posted to this list will not get
anywhere, including to JMS. If you wish to post a comment where JMS will see
it, and/or participate in the conversations you are catching part of by
reading the B5JMS list, you will need to do so through the
rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.moderated newsgroup.

Second, we are receiving an impressive number rejection messages for recent
postings. These rejection messages are the result of filtering, either from
the use of a "white list" or because of prohibited content or "spam" words
found in the message body.

White List: This is a list of addresses that a person has decided to accept
e-mail from. Only members of this "white list" can send mail to the
recipient. Any other mail is rejected. If you create a white list and wish
to continue receiving posts from B5JMS, make sure to include the address in
your list.

Prohibited content: Many companies (and some ISPs) filter incoming e-mail
for various types of content, and may reject messages when certain words
appear in a message. These filters generally check for strong language,
although it may theoretically include other subjects as well. The B5JMS list
is best considered "adult oriented" and will therefore include adult
subjects and language. Too many of these rejections may cause the mailing
list software to unsubscribe an address. We recommend subscribing to the
B5JMS list using an e-mail address that does not use content filtering of
this type.

"Spam" found in message: Some filters use specific words to determine when a
message may be "spam." Unfortunately, we cannot give you accurate examples
of these. (However, you can probably find examples in your own "spam!")
Normally, these types of filters take the content of the message into
account, giving a "spam score" based on the number of objectionable words
and phrases, then block the messages with a high score. Some filters are
configured to block any message with just one or two occurrences of the
trigger words, and will bounce even legitimate messages. Too many of these
rejections may cause the mailing list software to unsubscribe an address.

All three of these problems have occurred, and there is little or nothing
the admins can do to prevent them from reoccurring. If you have some sort of
filtering in place, you may be able to adjust the configuration so that
posts from the B5JMS list come through.

If you feel you may have missed a message, you can always check the archives
for the mailing list, which can be reached from the mailing list information

The archives are available to anyone who wishes to look through them. If you
believe you may have missed a mailing, but are not sure, be sure to check
this page.

If you have any questions about this list, please send them to:
	b5jms-owner at lists.cs.columbia.edu

The Administration

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