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Just to follow-up on this...I don't know if I passed along the info in this
forum or not, but the sales on Supreme Power #1, which hit stores yesterday,
the 6th, have gone over 100,000 which not only puts it in the top five books,
but it's the first time (according to Joe Quesada, who knows these things) that
a Max book or other imprint mainly aimed at adults has broken 100,000.

And the reviews to this point have been great.  It's really hit home in a big
way, which is what I was hoping would happen with this one.  Several have
commented on the sense that they haven't really read a story like this before
(including the one at bureau42.com), which was just what I was hoping for.

I just got the pencils in on issues 4 and 5, and the whole thing just holds
together so well, and the art is terrific, Gary's doing a great job.

In any event...my thanks to all who picked it up, and we're off on something
quite extraordinary, I think, because the issues to come just go from strength
to strength.  Issue 2 is an absolute kick in the head.


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