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>From the View Askew boards:

Posted by Kevin at lot-jersygrl-hawk-wan.metawire.com on January 06,
2003 at 17:30:31:

In Reply to: Your books posted by markhow on January 06, 2003 at

: I'm just curious about the status of your Marvel books. (I'm not complaining mind you, just anxious to see them) When will they be coming out? 

Gotta write 'em still.

: Also can you give out any info on the Spider-Man book you got coming out?

No info yet, really. I do know that it won't be Amazing. JRJr wanted
to stay on that book, as he's close to setting some kind of record
with consecutive issues drawn. And being that my record of making
deadlines is laughable at best, I was happy to concede.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *

Does the above mean that you'll be remaining on Amazing, instead of a
new Spidey book?

Any light you can shed would be much appreciated.

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>Does the above mean that you'll be remaining on Amazing, instead of a
>new Spidey book?



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