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> I'm pleased to note that I've just signed a deal with iBooks/Simon and 
> Schuster
> to republish all of my prior works of fiction, making them available both
> online and in major bookstores.  This includes my novels Demon Night,
> OtherSyde, and Tribulations, in addition to a collection of my short stories
> tentatively entitled Straczynski Unplugged (which should make it just about
> impossible for readers to find it by spelling the title), which would include 
> a
> number of my Twilight Zone stories, combined with stories published elsewhere
> but never previously gathered into a single collection (such as "Say Hello,
> Mister Quigley," originally published in Pulphouse, and "Your Move," 
> originally
> published in Amazing Stories), and a number of brand new, previously
> unpublished short stories.  I think they're targeting Spring/Summer for the
> books to come out.

Does this collection of short stories include anything in the B5 

Is a published collection of the B5 short stories by you and others 
still a possibility?
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>Does this collection of short stories include anything in the B5 

No, that stuff was licensed via WB.


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