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John Goerzen <jgoerzen at complete.org> wrote in message news:<871y36r238.fsf at christoph.complete.org>...
> babylon5_crusade at yahoo.com (Adam Evans) writes:
> > Why do most people don't see Saddam as a threat? He has violated every
> He has nothing that can threaten really anyone, and those that he can
> threaten have ample backing to smack him down.  Note: the US and
> Europe are entirely out of his range.
> > resolution the UN gave him. He is a threat to Israel. He does not
> That includes most of the Middle East, according to Israel.  And they
> would view Israel the same way.
> > like
> > the US government. Yesterday the UN inspectors found 12 chemical
> I'd say most people dislike the US government.  How silly to use that
> as a justification for aggression.
> > warheads in great condition. That's in violation of the new resolution
> > because he was to destroy them or list them on the 12,000-page
> > declaration last month. He almost once killed an ex-president. We
> And the U.S. has been caught attempting assisanitions too.  And -- oh
> no -- 12 chemical warheads!  The U.S. has far more than that, and
> what's more, the U.S. has a proven track record of destruction -- we
> were the only country ever to use a nuclear bomb in aggression.
> > don't want Saddam to be the next North Korea. Also note most of the
> I think it is hyopcritical of the U.S. to demand that other countries
> disarm when we do not do likewise.
> > Middle East is ruled by tyrant rulers. They considered a threat for
> > having a democracy in Iraq.
> And each time the U.S. fights a war in the mideast, we ally ourselves
> with those tyrant rulers, inflaming anti-U.S. attitudes and igniting
> terrorism against us.  So you are in favor of propping up the
> non-Democratic regimes in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the
> segregationist Turkey?
> -- John

I do know we allied with tyrants, because of Soviet threats. I dont
like the UN, since they are allowing Libya to JOIN THE HUMAN RIGHTS
COMMINSION.  THouse protesters last Saturday were Socialist
Anti-Americans. Why I know that their they are like that just look:
http://www.usasurvival.org/ck011903.shtml thenon C-SPAN shown pro al
Queda groups. The war is not for oil, if it was for oil, we had gone
there earlyer. Saddam is an cancer that has been growing fast, because
Cliton didnt do anything. Except bomb it once because he had a problem
with Monica. I support Turkey, they are clearing fixing their
Adam Evans
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>THouse protesters last Saturday were Socialist

This will be my last word to you, because as far as I'm concerned, you have
just disqualified yourself in this discussion with that remark. 

This is the same kind of bullshit red baiting we saw in the McCarthy period. 
There are those who support the Administration on one side, traitors or spies
on the other, nothing in between.

There is such a thing as the loyal opposition.  We are *supposed* to be able to
dissent, that's how a democracy (or a republic in this case) is supposed to
work.  If disagreement = being branded a traitor, then we are no longer what we
were fighting for in the first place.

Your statement is a disgrace to what the founding fathers intended, and a
dishonor to the country.  You should be ashamed of yourself.

Mark this as my last reply to you.


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