[B5JMS] Getting a female n00b hooked on B5?

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*hits the de-lurk button*

Hey everybody.  Just wanted some advice and opinions you may be able
to give.  Im going to try to get a girlfriend of mine addicted to b5
like the rest of us.  So besides telling her everybody is watching it,
and it will make her cool, any advice on ways to ease her way into it?
 Shes not opposed to sci-fi, but she still wont wear the Mr Spock ears
around for me all the time.  ;P

If youve done this with friends before, how did it go for you?  How
long did it take them to get hooked?  Do you think a spaced out
viewing, more along the lines of how sci-fi had it go, or a marathon
type viewing would work better?  Like watching all of S1 in a weekend,
and maybe a few eps of S2?

What do you think the best order for the movies are?  The way we saw
them, or the way they fall in chronological order?

Since Ill be doing this too, I figured Id give the books I never got a
shot at reading before a chance.

Which of the books should I *definitely* read?  And should they go
after I watch the series again, or Sometime during?

Any of the comics a good add on to the story? 

Thanks for the help,

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>Subject: Getting a female n00b

Forget the rest, what the heck is a female n00b?


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