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Paul Harper wrote:

> It's because people like the NRA *don't* see the difference that
> there's a problem. There is little difference, if any, in destructive
> capability between millions of people running around with loaded
> weapons and a few running around with big weapons.

There certainly would be no difference if every person "running around 
with loaded weapons" was another Saddam Hussein.  You certainly seem to 
think this is the case.

In reality, the exemplary record of behavior of people who possess 
concealed handgun licenses proves this notion wrong.  You're not 
comparing apples and oranges; you're comparing rutabagas and aardvarks.

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Of course, the whole irony of this discussion, in light of recent events -- and
when the topic turns to guns the whole thing basically devolves from that point
on -- is that the current administration, for the alleged sake of combatting
terrorism, has surveyed libraries to find out who's been checking out what (16%
of the National Librarian's Association report having been contacted and
provided information), who's taken pilot courses, who's taken scuba courses
(with one school refusing to turn over its records), but not one inquiry into
who's buying what guns, even though guns are more likely to be used in a
terrorist attack than library books or scuba gear.

Not advocating anything here, just pointing out the contradiction....


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