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A paraphrased repost since it seems my first one got lost in the ether....

Just an FYI for those who've been keeping an eye on this one...on August 6,
Supreme Power will hit the stands, with pre-orders being taken now at comics
stores.  Up until now, I'd always felt that Midnight Nation was the best thing
I'd ever managed to pull off in comics.  (I enjoy the heck out of writing
Spidey, but  there's just something about Midnight Nation that won't let me

Supreme Power may, I finally think, supplant that one.

There's something going in in Supreme Power, a strong emotional core, that
pulls me in every time I sit down to write it.  It's got an edge, it's
profoundly sad in places, and weirdly funny in other places.  Some elements are
bound to be a bit controversial, but that's part and parcel of telling this
particular story.  Emotions are, for me, the whole point of telling a story,
and those who've read and reviewed Midnight Nation as it slowly revealed itself
know what I'm talking about.

Not coincidentally, Gary Frank is doing the art, who also did the art on
Midnight Nation.  So that may also be a part of it.  The art is just stunning,
especially the way he captures the emotion of the characters in their eyes.

Given the reactions of some folks who've seen the black and whites proofs of
the first issue, I think this is going to move out pretty fast, and Marvel for
the most part doesn't reprint issues, so if it ain't ordered in advance, it
might not be available until the gather it together for the trade.

Anyway...I don't want to belabor the point.  I don't generally come on to
promote something unless I feel strongly about it, and this one I *definitely*
feel strongly about.

I'm inestimably proud of this book, and I hope you'll check it out.


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