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doverdan at aol.com (DoverDan) wrote ...

> Any new Jeremiah news?

I assume you mean about the second season? ;) I have other news up my
sleeve but you will just have to sign up for our newsletter to find
out. *evilgrin*

The only things I have heard have been from MGM's official site and
newsletter which state that it is coming "this summer".

http://www.mgm.com/scifi/03march/scoop.html (warning: S2 spoilers!)

Also, I heard that in a recent magazine article it was stated as
September 2003 but I am still trying to track down the exact source.

I am disappointed that the encore episodes have stopped but I hope
Showtime is wise enough to repeat the whole season one again before
launching into season two. If they start on a weekly schedule of
encore eps in May, they will have time to premeire season two in
September but a daily or marathon showing would have to suffice for a
summertime air date.

If you haven't watched the entire season one the second time around, I
highly recommend doing so. Lots of things to pick up on and I found it
quite enjoyable. :)

> I hate the Showtime Site. It never updates, never adds anything, and never
> allows members to freely discuss issues on their boards (Showtime controls
> every topic that people can discuss).

Add to that list ... they block all non-US accesses. It was because of
all those reasons (and more) why I started my own fan site. Plus, I am
especially irritated with Showtime right now because they deleted one
of my posts on their board. Why? It violated their rule against
posting one's full name. I am pissed because I have been posting there
for over a year with my full name in my signature (it is the one
common identifier for me around the internet) and just now they decide
to have an issue with it. I think they must have objected to the
content of my post because otherwise why not just edit out the
offending text? I have reposted according to their rules but I have no
faith that it will remain there. It is things like that which make me
want to boycott their board however there are too many people who go
there asking for information that I can provide them. *grr*

> It's bad enough when you have to wait 3 months (over the summer) for network
> television shows to return in September or October, but pay tv waits seem
> ridiculously long, and at the expense of possible losing  viewers, and viewer
> interest.

I think they want to draw it out so they can squeeze as much money out
of us as possible. I know some people have dropped Showtime until they
start showing encore episodes or season two and there is a risk they
will forget to resub when it does air. (Can you tell I am bitter?

> I hope that Showtime realizes what they are doing with this quality series, 
> but perhaps it isn't a top priority for them. Joe has created a wonderful 
> show, and it's just too bad that we have to wait almost a year (or more) 
> before we can return to that world.

Couldn't agree with you more Dan. 

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Last I heard, year two is set to debut in the US around the first week of
August.  They want to be able to debut their new series Dead Like Me in
June/July or so, let that get its sea-legs, then we come out in August.

We're currently in the last phase of shooting our two-part season finale


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