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Joseph DeMartino wrote:
>>>Ones man's freedom fighter is *not* another man's terrorist.  Osama
> Bin
>>>Laden is *not* the Muslim George Washington.
>>And please, PLEASE show me where I wrote that in my post, or anything
> close to that. <
> *Sigh*.  I wish people would read more carefully.  I was discussing an
> entire *class* of arguments about moral equivalence of which *your*
> ill-considered statement was one *example*, and the one quoted above
> another. 

I'll concede that my statements are hastily made and likely 
ill-concieved. I have recently become much more stressed out with 
mundane matters (even before we get into the global politcal 
situations), which leaves me way less time for forethought and research 
when participating in newsgroup discussions. I'll just drop out of this 
one now before there is egg on my entire face.
-W o NJ

  And the quotation at the top of my post was (obviously) an
> error.  In fact it was something I had copied from another newsgroup
> which was still in my clipboard.  I must have screwed up copying the
> portion of your post that I wanted to quote and didn't realize it when I
> did the "paste" operation.
> Regards,
> Joe

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BTW...there's a very intereasting article that shows just how much the current
administration may have ignored warnings about the situation over in Iraq at:



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