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> The few times I *have* said anything
> before all the pieces were in place, it almost never came to pass...hence
> reinforcing lesson #1 above.
>  jms

I think then that we have been enlightened by the first of the new Ten
Commandments for the Church of Joe:

1. Never enumerate thy chickens before they have hatched.

I believe I see a burning bush out in my lawn, so I'm inclined to suggest
some others:

2. Be thee kind to one another, but suffer not the ignorant.

3. Thou shalt not covet thy competitor's budget.  Thou shalt make the best
of the budget thou art granted, and not go over-budget.

4. Thou shouldst not covet thy neighbor's ass, even if it should be a
particularly nice ass.

5. Thou shalt shut up already, and quit bugging me about Crusade.  Thou
shalt let it go.

6. Thou shalt be ever skeptical, and believeth not ALL thou shouldst hear or
read.  Especially if it should come via the internet.

7. Thou shalt not murder, steal, or commit adultery, unless thou art
fictional and it maketh a good A - plot.

8. Thou shalt not send me production notes.  For I am a jealous producer,
and shall have no studio execs before me.

9. Thou shalt not send me story ideas or scripts.  Nor shalt thou seeketh my
counsel regarding agency or publishing.

10. Thou shouldst respect thine elders.  But 'tis far more important to
respect thine history.  For it is the well from whence thou springeth, and
the maker of the rivers in which all things flow, from now unto the future.

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>For it is the well from whence thou springeth,

Actually, from and whence mean pretty much the same thing, so that's a
redundency.  It should be either "from which" or just "whence"  It's a common
misuse of the vernacular.

Yrs, on behalf of the grammar police,


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