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Here are some more: "Folks Back Home" and "So-and-so and I have had our 
differences" Who wants to add to the list?
Bob Lee

Kathryn Huxtable wrote:
> "Jason Hurd aka Reverend Vader" <jasonhurd at gpcom.net> writes:
>>>I do take issue with something Doyle says, however. He said, "I
>>>think a lot of his characters in Crusade was the same writing that
>>>he had for the characters in B5 -- but it was just different people
>>>saying it." I didn't feel the characters in Crusade were just
>>>relabeled B5 characters acted by different people.
>>I agree as well.  My personal assumption is that Jerry didn't watch
>>Crusade.  And if he did, I figure maybe just part of an episode.
> Though there are stock phrases that JMS seems to like
> using. "...straight to hell" is one, as in "blow it...", "went...",
> etc.  It sounds fine coming out of Sheridan's mouth, but I never found
> it that convincing from anyone else.
> And there are others.
> -K

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>Here are some more: "Folks Back Home" and "So-and-so and I have had our 
>differences" Who wants to add to the list?

It's called vernacular or common parlance.

Just like "add to the list."

And I think I have used "straight to hell" a grand total of about five times in
200+ produced scripts.  Much the same can be said of the other examples.  I'm
not sure that fits the description of "stock" lines.


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