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>> Previously on rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.moderated, Jms at B5 said:
>> ; the Claudia situation threw a monkey wrench into using the
>> character of 
> Markus,
>> ; as originally planned.
>> Why?  This is the first time I've heard anything connecting "the
>> Claudia situation" to the fate of a character played by someone else.
>> I know what "the Claudia" situation was: she wanted a full season's
>> pay for a partial season's work and walked when you and/or WB
>> rightfully refused.  But what does this have to do with the character
>> of Markus being stuck in a cryotube?
> I would have paid the tab, as looking at her for half a season is
> worth a full season's money. She is a classic beauty, and that is not
> a term I use with any regularity.

Hmm, 7k times 11 equals 77k.  That's alot of money just to look at a 
lady's freckles which get covered anyway.  Word was she and/or her agent 
wanted 4 paid but unworked episodes (~30k).  This may seem a triffle 
compared to the 22 mil for the season, but do not forget that this would 
set a precedent for other agents to exploit.

Ok, I don't know what Claudia's per episode pay at the time would be so I 
went off from what I read concerning Pat Tallman's issue with the pay for 
a day's work for Crusade (3k was half her B5 pay for a week).  Still, the 
precedent set applies in both cases.

The Claudia situation imho to be that JMS would not one two Lennier 
characters (guy not getting the girl he irrationally loved).  He'd 
recover, they'd fall in love but Ivanova may have been on earth the time 
of the attack giving Marcus the insentive to be on the Excalibur (now 
that would make Ivanova's line in Sleeping in Light a greater impact as 
Marcus died twice saving her).  Remember, to Marcus Earth was just a 
place his colony sent 70% of its product so it would be for Ivanova.  

Christ, way too many numbers.  No wonder producer's pull their hair out 
(no offense Joe).


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>>> I know what "the Claudia" situation was: she wanted a full season's
>>> pay for a partial season's work and walked when you and/or WB
>>> rightfully refused. 

>Word was she and/or her agent 
>wanted 4 paid but unworked episodes (~30k).  

Just to recap: Claudia, after promising to sign the contract extension, and
helping get all the other cast members to do so, chose not to sign after all. 
Her people (and she) wanted time off to do other projects, a movie in
particular.  She might need 3-4 eps off.

Fine, said we, so we'll pay her for all the eps in which she appears, and not
for the ones in which she doesn't appear.  That seemed fair.  But they wanted
us to commit, in writing, to paying her the full 22 salary for the reduced
number of episodes, which would constitute a per-episode increase in salary
when all of the other actors, many of whom had favored nations agreements,
could not negotiate any such increase.  It would, in essence, screw all the
other cast members.

We refused.  She walked.


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