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>If one were to listen to Ann Coulter (although WHY one would listen to her
>is a completely DIFFERENT question), they are all traitors. Someone REALLY
>needs to stuff a sock down that "woman's" throat, as she is one of the truly
>great hate-mongers in America.
       Coulter is the right's Carville. Pit puppies spewing forth mainly for 
the airtime. I really have trouble with most of the pundits on both sides. It 
seems more like they are playing parts than engaging in discussion. 

"Politics should be limited in its scope to war,
protection of property, and the occasional 
precautionary beheading of a member of the ruling class."
                             -P.J. O'Rourke

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>Coulter is the right's Carville. 

Not correct.  I can't think of any time when Carville has spoken of Republicans
or Conservatives in the terms that she has used, inclusive of: Liberals hate
America, Liberals hate all religions except Islam. and that even Islamic
terrorists don't hate America as much as liberals do.


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