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So I was going through the archives -- which I do rarely because there's just
so much stuff -- and realized to my horror that a bucket-load of my stuff,
especially old scripts, short stories, works in progress, that sort of stuff,
all dating from the late 80s, was only archived at the time, and on 5.25"

And there's not a computer here in the house anymore that takes 5.25.

I went online to try to find a usb external floppy drive that could handle that
size and even Google laughed at me.

I know that the magnetic recording doesn't last forever, and many of these
disks may be dead by now....but if not, I'd like to try and preserve whatever's
on there.

So I turn to the Group Mind, figuring somebody out there can either hotwire one
or knows where I can find such a technological unicorn.

I'm NOT looking for suggestions on how to hotwire an old one up to my
motherboard, because I don't DO that...the last time I opened the back of my
computer the little man inside yelled CLOSE THE DOOR and I haven't opened it
since.  This has to be as close to plug-and-play as possible.

So only drop me a note if you either have one, or can lay your hand on it.  If
you're going to give me tech advice, you may as well talk to a goldfish for all
the good it'll do.



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