[B5JMS] What have the Pagans done for us?

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On Sun, 1 Feb 2004 23:38:10 +0000 (UTC), lorrie at tala.mede.uic.edu ()

>	I'd think that the Jews would be more pissy about the Mormons 
>declaring that they're the other twelve tribes (IIRC) than about
>posthumous baptisms... and also that they're not particularly organized
>enough to have a holy war about much of anything.
>-- Lorrie
Be glad "they're" not organized enough to have a  holy war. I wish NO
ONE were organized enough for a holy war. I'd like to get the numbers
of jihads down to zero.

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Just to respond to this header for a moment...pagans are, by dictionary
definition, polytheists (among other options).  So that being the case, then
pagans would be the pre-christian romans, greeks and egyptians who gave us the
very foundations of society, culture, science, philosophy, literature and

Other than that, not a damned thing.


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