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>Congratulations, and thank you (since the cats can show you their thanks but
>aren't too good with words <G>) for bringing two orphans into your home. :D

Yes, I'm a firm believer in picking pets from shelters.  Fortunately we
have a very good one here called A.D.O.P.T. (Animals Deserving Of Proper
Treatment).  They're a no-kill shelter.  I got my first cat from them over
10 years ago.  She was a treasure.  Of course she has her own web page:


Alas, she's no longer with me.

>They're certainly a pair of cuties, and it sounds like they've already
>developed some very distinct personalities.  I think you already *have* a
>name for one of them -- the orange tabby -- "Scamp."  After all, you said if
>you had to describe him in one word, that would be it.  Have you tried to
>summate the impression your second fuzz ball gives you in one word yet?

That's what I've been trying to do.  For some reason, coming up with a 
name that fits the brown one has been particularly difficult.  I've actually
got several ideas for the orange guy that would fit.  I've thought about
naming them after some of our favorite hobbits.  The orange one is
particularly food motivated so a hobbit name would most certainly work for

>(BTW, I LOVE those trilling, chirpy purrs, and even better, the reaching out
>and touching with one paw!  Melts my heart.).  

Me too.  Makes me want to kiss their cold little kitty ears.

>-- sometimes she actually sits facing the joint between two walls
>and stares at it for many, many minutes, even if there's absolutely nothing,
>not a bug, not a dustball, *nothing* there.  

My previous cat, Vash, did that, too.  I think Joe once said that when a
cat does that, they're staring at Shadows.

>Anyway, I proposed to Alan that
>if she were a Native American, her name would be "She Who Sits in Corners",
>and so we started testing that out on her; "are you Corners?  Is your name
>Corners?" I remember asking her ... and she responded *immediately* by
>coming over to me, as if that were indeed her name on some existential level
>and she'd just been waiting all week for us to figure it out.  And Corners
>she's been.

Vash wasn't as hard to name as these guys have been.  As soon as I said
the name out loud, it was, "Yes! That's it!"  It was more discovering her
name than actually deciding on a name.

>Keep us posted on who they turn out to be.


"How many slime-trailing, sleepless, slimy, slobbering things do you know
that will *run and hide* from your Eveready?"
                               --Maureen Birnbaum, Barbarian Swordsperson

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For reasons unknown, in looking at the gray tabby, the only name that seemed to
fit was Ralph.

I have no explanation for this.


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