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RadioFreeOB at aol.com (Pema) wrote in message news:<7cc3084b.0401110634.4cf49e2a at posting.google.com>...

> I would love to have some of the Centauri cast, Esp. Damien London who
> possibly gave one of the finest performances in the history of TV...
> best!
> pema

Stephen Furst would also be great, at least he can also say something
from a director´s pov.

Furthermore, it really would´ve been better to have two people at the
most doing a commentary. Maybe they could´ve spread the commentaries
over more episodes without increasing the payment to the actors.

In the "Lord of the Rings" commentaries they somehow managed to have
many people from the cast and crew without any problems at all (IMHO).

Barbara M.

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For S5 I did commentaries on The Fall of Centauri Prime and Sleeping in Light. 
The latter was the hardest, since it was the first time I'd seen the episode
since it aired.  (I just couldn't, it was too hard.)  

I should have done so, though, because when we got to B5's destruction, I'm
ashamed to admit that my voice broke, it just hit me so hard.  After we were
done, i wanted to go back and do it again, to fix that, which I thought was
unprofessional, but the WB boys prevailed upon me to leave it alone.  I just
hope it doesn't come across as dumb or something.


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