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> >>On Thu, 17 Jun 2004 02:30:50 -0400, Jms at B5 wrote
> (in article <20040617022931.29796.00000061 at mb-m18.aol.com>):
> >> Thanks to Wendy of PA, I have two more short video clips of JMS at the
> >> Hawthorne con.  One is the footage from the photo shoot that we did by
> >> car; and the other is from the classroom Q&A (where I tell JMS about
> >> Enterprise did a little creative 'borrowing' in their episode "E
> >> -
> >> and he threatens me with a rubberband <g>).
> >>
> >> The videos can be found at the bottom of:
> >
> > Good god, but I'm an annoying fellow....<<
> Yeah, maybe so...but we had a lot of fun with you that day, anyway.  <g>

And it was really great of you to put up with *us* that day! <g>

By the way, did Buddy like his present?

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>By the way, did Buddy like his present?

Yes, he plays shark with it on a regular basis.  (Translation: there's a clear
plastic sheet -- harmless -- on one of the floors for some work being done, and
he gets under it and circles the toy atop the plastic like a shark underwater. 
He's deeply disturbed.)


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