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>>> I don't think JMS will have any trouble getting the guy he
>>wants (David Eagle,
>>> anyone?).  This is the guy who told the almight Turner
>>where to go.  This is a
>>> man who cares so deeply about his work that he would
>>rather kill it out of
>>> mercy rather than let it be emasculated, hamstrung, and
>>otherwise ruined.
>>Please elaborate.  Whick David Eagle work?  He was one of
>>the B5 directors I was thinking of, along with Janet Greek
>>and Mike Vejar.
>....and Goran Gajic...
>Wes Struebing

How about John Flinn??  Or Adam Nimoy?
"Whyfor did you bury me in the cold, cold ground??" -- Tazmanian Devil

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BTW to all the comics folks...I just found out that Dynamic Forces will be
donating stuff for the auction to help the school, that Marvel is going to be
donating other stuff...and that none other than Marvel's very own Editor in
Chief Joe Quesada hisownself will be there around noon to lend support.

Anybody at DC care to up the ante...?

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