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Wendy from New Jersey, and others from New Jersey and New York City
should be happy about this:

Straczynski to Appear at NJ High School Comic Convention

Posted: Monday, April 26
Posted By: Shawn Patty


J. Michael Straczynski to appear at special show at Hawthorne High
School in New Jersey on May 8, 2004

When Straczynski heard of the sophomore and junior high schoolers'
plans to raise money for their art program with a benefit comic
convention, the famous TV writer and Paterson, New Jersey native
immediately made room in his busy schedule to attend. Now living in
Los Angeles, Straczynski hasn't appeared at an East Coast convention
in ten years and, besides donating his time and the expense to attend
this special show, will provide autographs to his fans for a
charitable contribution of $1, the proceeds of which will go directly
to the students.

One of the most prolific and highly regarded writers currently working
in television, Straczynski, whose work includes episodes of Murder,
She Wrote, The Twilight Zone and Jake and the Fatman created the
successful science fiction series Babylon 5 and currently writes
Amazing Spider-Man for Marvel Comics.

He will join more than two dozen stars from the comic book industry,
including legendary Batman writer and editor Denny O'Neil; Batman
artist Tommy Castillo; Scooby-Doo artist Joe Staten; legendary creator
of Dondi Irwin Hasen; Nickelodeon Magazine comics artist and Patty
Cake creator Scott Roberts; Hero Gets the Girl author and reporter for
the Asbury Park Press Mark Voger; Milk and Cheese creator Evan Dorkin;
Action Girl editor Sara Dyer; and comics industry painter and
instructor at New Jersey's Joe Kubert School of Comic and Cartoon Art
Dave Devries.

Activities include comic art lessons for the kids, panel discussions,
an anime theater and charity auction, proceeds from which also will
benefit the Hawthorne High School art program.

Plus, area Dealers will be in attendance selling, trading, buying
comics, toys, original art, anime, DVDs & Videos, non-sports trading
cards, video games and more!

Hawthorne High School is ideally located at 160 Parmelee Avenue in
Hawthorne, N.J. 07506, just 30 minutes outside Manhattan and
accessible by bus and train. Directions can be found on MapQuest.

Admission is only $3.

For more info, please contact Allan Rosenberg at alllal at aol.com

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Posted twice in case one doesn't get through....

BTW to all the comics folks...I just found out that Dynamic Forces will be
donating stuff for the auction to help the school, that Marvel is going to be
donating other stuff...and that none other than Marvel's very own Editor in
Chief Joe Quesada hisownself will be there around noon to lend support.

Anybody at DC care to up the ante...?


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