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Derek Balling <dredd at megacity.org> wrote in
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> With all relevant and due respect, that's crap.
> TMoS has been semi-public (in that as the public at-large knows it's
> happening, knows at the very least one of the characters that was
> originally slated to be involved in it, but nobody has any idea what
> the specifics are) for crawling up on a year now (I believe someone
> else quoted 11/03 as a date).
> You are not the only B5 personality with an Internet presence. In the
> absence of firm information from you, people *are* going to contact
> other people looking for info.
> I don't want to be the naysayer among the posse here, but the real
> answer to the problem is: "If you want the matter to be private, you
> need to keep it private. If you make it semi-public by telling people
> about it, you cannot and should not expect them to lodge their thumb
> up their ass and only wait to hear the things that originate only from
> your keyboard. You should -- nay, must -- understand and acknowledge
> that they're going to start poking at other avenues of information to
> see what they can find out."
> In other words, it's not the Internet's job to keep it a secret from
> Jerry Doyle for you.
> Now, maybe this means that in the future you don't tell us things as
> far in advance as you did in this case. And if so, then that's a
> bummer, but that's also business, and I know *I* at least would
> understand it.
> But for you to sit there and say "I told the entire world something,
> and you shouldn't have gone asking other people what they know about
> it" is a crock. 
> Respectfully,
> D

I applaud Jan and Derek for speaking their minds.


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Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2004 15:34:43 +0000 (UTC)
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>I applaud Jan and Derek for speaking their minds.

As do I.

Because that's how it is in here...it's really no big thing to do that.  Nor
should it be.


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