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Two quick items....

Tomorrow my first issue of The Brave and the Bold appears from DC.  I
haven't said too much about this book because a) I wanted to make sure
there was a good sized backlog so it'd stay on schedule and b) until
it was closer to the debut.  What's cool about this series -- which is
in answer to folks who asked, of all the books I could've done at DC,
why TB&B, which isn't normally in the top sellers -- is that it lets
me put together characters from anywhere I want in the DC universe
into stories that have a complex moral center to them.

Each of the issues are stand-alones, and have some of the best stuff
I've done in comics lately.  The first issue features Batman and Dial
H for HERO in a story about self-sacrifice; the second features the
(Barry Allen) Flash and the Blackhawks in a tale that asks "when, if
ever, is it right to kill?"; the third is (believe it or not) with
Batman and Brother Power the Geek (I'm not going to say much more
about it than that, except that it's my favorite of the first bunch);
and the one after that features Green Lantern and Dr. Fate in a story
that pits life and death against the question of free will vs.
determinism (not something you generally see in a comic).

So I'd love it if folks could spread the word to swing by their comics
shops tomorrow and pick up an issue.  If you liked the kinds of moral
and ethical stories we did in B5, I think you'll like what we're doing
with B&B.

That said...a bit of news.  In addition to the feature work, I now
have a mainstream prime-time drama series in development with one of
the Big Four broadcast networks.  Not cable, not syndication, one of
the Big Four.  (I can't say which yet, pending an announcement.)  The
pilot script will be turned in by year's end, and after that they'll
decide if they want to shoot it.  As noted, it's primarily mainstream
with a touch of genre to it, and it should be a lot of fun.

As for those who've asked when we might see the Crusade script
books...keep watching the skies...there's something moving up there.


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