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From: lane at (Charles Hoppenrath)
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Hey y'all...

Mr roommate just got home from a trip and told me the coolest rumor about 
the show:  

a little spoiler space to protect the unknowing in case it is confirmed...

a wee bit more....

Ok..that'll do it.

Now, from what he read (In some scifi magazine) there was going to be an 
appearance by Robert Culp this season (yeah...big deal you say) BUT he 
was going to be reprising his role from Demon With a Glass Hand!

I dont know if this is gonna happen, but even if it isn't whatta great idea!

I dunno...anyone know if it is gonna happen??? anyone? anyone??

Thanks y'all...

Chuck Hoppenrath
lane at

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From: Arthur Lipscomb <akil at>
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Earth doesn't have the technology to imprint the intire population on 
microfilm (or whatever they were on).  And why would the shadows care so 
much about getting the people?  Demon with a glass hand has too many 
dissimilarities with B5.  Were they even set in the same time period?


From: straczynski at
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     No, the events in "Demon With a Glass Hand" take place roughly 1,000
years further up the pike from B5's time.


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