Attn JMS: What was that noise? (minor MoH Spoiler)

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Subject: Attn JMS: What was that noise? (minor MoH Spoiler)
+  1: Nov 11, 1995: Jackson Dodd <jdodd at>
   2: Nov 11, 1995: mogens at Xenon.Stanford.EDU (Christian Mogensen)
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   8: Nov 13, 1995: matt at (Matt Landau)
+  9: Nov 13, 1995: NightCrawler <piniarski at uhavax.hartford.>
* 10: Nov 14, 1995: straczynski at


From: Jackson Dodd <jdodd at>
Lines: 34

First, some spoiler protection:

   Okay, when Morden and Londo were talking (in the Zocalo?) Morden got 
up to leave, and I thought I heard some strange whisperings just before 
he turned around Columbo-like and proposed meeting in Londo's quarters 
later. It's been said that Morden is never alone.  Did we overhear some 
coaching from his invisible entourage, or is this just my imagination?




From: NightCrawler <piniarski at uhavax.hartford.>
Lines: 6

The noise you heard near MORDEN was definitely
intentional and it meant exactly what it
sounded like...


From: straczynski at
Lines: 4

     No, you heard something, all right...just a little bit of shadow whisper
for those who got it; those who don't, won't notice.


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