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Subject: Attn: JMS -- why were specific characters picked for cards?
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I'm just being nosy here -- I was wondering *why* there's a card for
Senator Voudreau who only appeared once (so far) and doesn't *seem*
to be exactly pivotal, while there *isn't* one for either Lou Welch
(who has appeared more than once and is shown to be (whether he really
is or not...) loyal and a friend to Garibaldi) or Bester (who is quite
obviously important to the show)...?

And why in the pictures of the ships is there not one of a Starfury?
There is one on the side of the box (am I correct in assuming that
was one of the promo cards?  How do I go about getting a set of 
those?), but other than the special cards doesn't appear to be one
in the set.

Just being picky...
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     They tended to go from what photos and art was available from WB, and
in large measure...that ain't a lot.

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