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Subject: ATTN JMS: Lyta's P Rating (Discussion of divided loyalties)
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From: Ben West <benjamin.west at>
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[Spoiler Space] {has anyone not seen DL yet?}

I was just reading the JMS speaks section of the hyperion site's page on 
"the gathering" and he is quoted as saying:

"The amount of contact required varies according to the telepath's 
strength. Lyta at P5 needs a little help. A P10 could
nail you from across the room."

But in divided loyalties Talia says Lyta was almost a Psi Cop  which I 
thought required a P12.The Lurker's guide says:

" Lyta spent some time with Psi Cops as part of her training, but left 
because she didn't like it and became a commercial telepath instead"

Was this just Control  lying to try to stop Ivanova trusting Lyta? 	
If not which is she?

Sorry if this has already been discussed but  I have been away from  the 
group for 3 months and am only just catching up.



From: scottm at (Malinda)
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strueb at (Strueb) wrote:

>In article <bloomda-1510950535210001 at>,
>bloomda at (Dave Bloom) writes:

>Spoiler space - just in case............

>>If you're referring to the quotation I'm thinking of, I think what was
>>implied was that if you were THAT high, you were automatically drafted
>>as a psicop, no option.  I don't think they mentioned a minimum rating
>>for voluntary service.  Though a P5 probably wouldn't get the
>>assignments, i imagine there are psi-traffic-cops and paperpushers and
>>like who don't need to be that strong.

>Nopt to mention (but I will anyway, that "our" Talia mentioned that Lyta
>had only "interned with Psi-Cops' for a short period.  No need to have the
>P-10 or greater reating for that.  Interning could mean almost anything,
>but I gathered that it did NOT mean that Lyta went out on Psi-Cop

Words of wisdom from the great man himself which I hope will settle
the issue :

To: Straczyski at
From: scottm at

In the pilot we are told Lyta is a P5.

In Divided loyalties we are told that Lyta initially joined the psi

We are told in another episode (Mind War?) that psi cops are always
P10 or above.

Which P rating is true assuming that this isn't a continuity error?

From: straczynski at
To: scottm at

     Lyta interned with the psi cops in a support capacity only.  You
don't have P10s wasting their time filling out reports and the like.



From: straczynski at
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     Didn't say Talia WAS a psi-cop, Talia said she *interned with* the
PsiCops.  Bear in mind that you're going to need support staff, lower
level liaisons, and a bunch of other positions as well as the actual cops.

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