JMS's Compuserve postings soon on B5JMS

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Thu Oct 19 13:18:29 EDT 1995

Several of you requested it, so in a short while, the B5JMS list will also
receive all of JMS' postings on Compuserve.  As many of you know, Nathan
Wallace (aka The Green Meddler) has been spending lots of time each day
manually collecting postings made by JMS on Compuserve, and posting them in
one message to

Soon his postings will make it to B5JMS and B5JMS-DIGEST.  It'll either be
done automatically by me, or Nathan himself will be allowed to post to
B5JMS.  The first time this is done, there will be 5-10 new message sent for
the past few days of collected JMS postings from Compuserve.

Note that JMS' postings on Compuserve do *not* come with a thread context.
It cannot be done easily or at all.  I think however, that any additional
information from JMS, even without the original message(s) he replied to, is
better than none.

I hope you find the additional information useful.  If anyone has strong
objections to this addition, please let me know.

B5JMS Poster.
<b5jms-owner at>

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