ATTN JMS: Going to Loscon?

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Subject: ATTN JMS: Going to Loscon?
+  1: Oct 16, 1995: hackbod at ada.CS.ORST.EDU (Dianne Hackborn)
*  2: Oct 19, 1995: straczynski at


From: hackbod at ada.CS.ORST.EDU (Dianne Hackborn)
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Can you give an indication of whether you'll be at Loscon and, if you are,
who else from B5 might be with you?

And would it help at all to beg for Claudia Christian to be there? ;)


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From: straczynski at
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     I'll be at LosCon over Thanksgiving because, well, I have no life;
if anyone else attends depends on their schedules.

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