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I am new to Babylon 5, and so I am just getting a feel for things, but I'd 
like to ask a question. In a recent viewing of the first season episode,
"And A Sky Full of Stars", I began to question exactly where the action was
taking place.  It seems to be Sinclair's mind, but I was wondering, if in
the greater sense, Sinclair _is_ Babylon 5, rather than it being his refuge.
Would the destruction of Babylon 5 as we know it be the destruction of
Sinclair as we know him?  Is the clear loss of neutrality in the second
season a reflection of Sinclair's changing position in the Plan?  If
either one ceases, does it mean the destruction of the other? Meaning
if Jeff Sinclair died tomorrow, would the intregal thing that is Babylon 5
also die?  I know the station is changing, and that change could be viewed
as a "mini-death", but that which it is on the deepest level hasn't really
changed. Evolved, maybe. But it is still the last, best hope. And I guess
that if the corollary is that the station and the man are of similar stuff,
then does that make Sinclair the last, best hope also?



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Robert Holland  <rholland at> wrote:
>nia at (Stephani Rodgers) wrote:

>Originally, Nia, we (who have seen the second season) thought along the same
>lines. B5 started out as the story of Jeffery Sinclair.

Actually, she's ahead of you in her viewing.  She's seen the whole
thing, probably better than we have.  She viewed both seasons in a
series of marathon sessions.

She's on her way through it the second time now.  She is perhaps more
firmly in Sinclair's camp than I am.

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     Nia: I'd say you're reading WAY too much into this.

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