ATTN JMS: Back door into plot?

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Subject: ATTN JMS: Back door into plot?
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A thought just hit me, Joe.  Way back when Pat Tallman first decided to
leave B5 after the pilot, you mentioned that you needed "a different way
to get Talia into trouble with the Psi Corps, which could be much more

When I first saw Divided Loyalties, I thought the plotline developed in that
episode was what you were referring to.  But now I've just had another idea,
and I'd appreciate you telling me if I've guessed right.

Originally, presumably, Psi Corps was going to be after Lyta because her
mind had been touched by a Vorlon.  Was the entire Jason Ironheart / TK
plot created as a replacement for this, as something else which Psi Corps
would be interested in getting its hands on?  Or would the Ironheart
events have happened to Lyta if she had stayed with the show?

And if I'm right, how has the substitution of telekinesis for Vorlonsong
as the object of the Psi Corps' desire affected the arc?  Or is that
something we have to stay tuned for?

Jon Blum
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chess...  when it was just me playing solitaire!"
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From: straczynski at
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     Yeah, originally it was the Kosh-scan that would've gotten Lyta in
trouble; the TK aspect was originally going to come in from another angle,
but I was able to collapse the two in Talia, and then bring Lyta in from
a different direction, as you'll see in one of the first batch of new
year 3 eps.

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