ATTN JMS: You got some bad, BAD PR people...

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Subject: ATTN JMS: You got some bad, BAD PR people...
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From: eaiu407 at (Brian Freyermuth)
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	JMS, you got someone with a screw loose sending summeries to
TV Guide. Here's what I mean:

	Week of Oct. 14 - 20: babylon5:
	"Having been summoned to the royal palace, Londo is instructed
to call on his "allies" as the Centauri commit their forces to a
"one all-out strike" on the Narn homeworld."
	Sounds good, huh? Sounds like a crux of the show is whether or
not the Narn can survive a Shadows onslaught...

	Well, the TV Guide for the week of 21 - 27 just came out. 
That's NEXT WEEK, remember. This comes out three days before the above
mentioned eppisode:

	Week of 21 - 27, Babylon5:
	"Garabaldi helps G'Kar smuggle weapons to the Centauri occupied
Narn homeworld..."

	WHAT??!?!?!? I simple summery in the TV Guide, sent by either
Paramount or one of your people, just gave away the conclusion to an
eppisode that has yet to appear... what's up with that??

-B. Frey


From: SCNB46A at (Holly Ramsey)
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mikebat at (Mike Batchelor) wrote:
>TV Guide is famous for this...
>8 PM (5)(7)(11) CITIZEN KANE (CC)--Drama 2:30 **** 91109
>     Wealthy publisher (Orson Welles) reminisces on deathbed about
>     childhood sled called "Rosebud".
>  %%%%%% Mike Batchelor %%%%%% %%%%%%

Oh, man.  Thanks a lot!  I was trying to avoid that one!!!

(Ok, Ok, sorry to waste bandwidth, but with the spoiler debate I just had 

And YES, I've seen it  :) 

Holly A. Ramsey
********************May Evil beware, and may Good dress warmly and eat    
                                 plenty of vegetables.       -The Tick



From: straczynski at
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      Two things transcend all human understanding: the concept of god,
and PTEN publicity.

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