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From: brownj at (James Vaughn Brown)
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Have you ever read any of these books by Jack Chalker?

The demons at rainbow bridge
The run to Chaos Keep
The ninety trillion Fausts

Yes or No will do, but I am wondering if they had any relation to B-5
or if it just a similar plot line.  If you have read any of them 
(they are a series called the Quintara marathon).

Thanks for your time,

James V Brown						brownj+ at
In theory there is no difference between theory and practice.
In practice this just is not true.


From: straczynski at
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     No, I've never read them.  "I am wondering if they had any relation
to B5."  No, because that is called plagiarism.

     I'm not yelling at you, James, I'm just taking a moment here to make
a general comment.

     Ahem.  To everyone looking on.


     That is called plagiarism.  It's called theft.  It's not a question
that novel writers get, only TV writers.  I know that's not your intent,
but that's what it is.  I didn't fight for five years to make this show to
do somebody else's story.  This is its own story.  Nobody else's.  It may
not occur to you -- likely does not -- but this is a *supremely* offensive
comment to any writer.  It implies that one cannot come up with one's own
story, one has to borrow or rip off from somebody else...again, a comment
usually directed toward TV writers.  I've never seen a novelist asked if
he was doing somebody else's novel.

     I may sometimes nod in tribute to those works that have come before,
but that's all it ever is.


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