ATTN JMS: Maybe setting record for most scripts for 1 show?

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Subject: ATTN JMS: Maybe setting record for most scripts for 1 show?
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From: Babylon at (Jeffrey Louis Bauer)
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	I am not sure of what the record is, but I am wondering if 
you may be in the running for a record.  This record is writing the 
most scripts for the same TV show.  I am not including comedies.  One 
front-runner that comes to mind is the master, Rod Serling.  
According to my Twilight Zone guide, he wrote 88 episodes of the 
classic show (this was a quick scan, so don't quote me on the EXACT 
number).  So far, you have written 28 episodes of B5 in a 2 season 
period.  Granted, except for one season of TZ, they were all 1/2 hour 
eps.  Just thought I'd let you in on another bit of B5 trivial 


From: straczynski at
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     Actually, it was pointed out to me recently that as far as can be
determined (and if there's any solid info to the contrary, I'll gladly
take it) that no one has ever single-handedly written a full season of
a dramatic, one-hour series.  Even David Kelley often uses co-writers on
many of his episodes of ER and Picket Fences.  I have not yet set this out
as a personal challenge, because I think you have to be open to what may
come your way from other places.  But it's something I'm keeping a vaguely
interested eye on....


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