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Subject: "Comes The Inquisitor" SPOILER/observation
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From: garyzephed at aol.com (GaryZepHed)
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SPOILER SPACE provided . . .(just in case)

Watched "CtI" over the weekend . . .

Has somebody been watching reruns of "The Prisoner ? ? ?"  Man, I gotta
dig out my old tapes and compare.  As I recall, the first and last
episodes of "The Prisoner" would shed light . . .

Be seeing you!

(I am not a number - I am a free man ! ! !)


From: wbe at psr.com (Winston Edmond)
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spoilers for    Comes The Inquisitor

> It's interesting that this episode has told us more about the
> Vorlons than anything else so far, and it was through a human.
> Benevolent?  Not from anything we've seen.

   Sebastian was originally in the wrong place and time.  The Vorlons took
him, explained things, and preserved him until he became a person at the
right place and the right time -- a person who consciously and with full
knowledge could not only serve the purpose he originally chose for himself
but who truly could do so and serve the cause of light.  It's like moving a
chess piece to a location where its capabilities can be better utilized in
the current game.  That seems emminently Vorlon-like and certainly not


From: straczynski at genie.geis.com
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     There have been a great number of films and TV programs with one sort
of interrogation scene or other; I'd commend "Closetland" for something
else on this order.


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