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Subject: Attn jms: Any ratings news?
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From: James Ezell <ezell at>
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Howdy Joe,

Now that we have had our nine new episodes, how'd we do in the ratings? 
(I say "we" because you've gone and made us all feel so "connected" to 
you and the show!) Most network shows seem to be in reruns now, so I 
would infer that there must be some reporting going on from the most 
recent sweeps period. I've seen you post some specifics from time to 
time. Is there any chance of you posting some more from this most recent 

Best regards,


James Ezell
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From: denebeim at (Jay Denebeim)
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In article <199612080441.WAA06283 at>,
James Ezell  <ezell at> wrote:

> Now that we have had our nine new episodes, how'd we do in the
> ratings?

Better, about .7 point since the same time the previous year.  They
need to break 4.0 though.

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From: jmsatb5 at
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They're going very well.  The last batch of episodes were 3.8 in the
ratings, which is much better than last year, and put us fairly
consistently in the top 25.  Though the rankings dropped a bit because of
the number of people watching during sweeps, and the stunt programming,
the number of households watching the show went up about 100,000 per week.
 So WB is extremely pleased; we stay at the #5 rated dramatic series, and
that ain't bad.


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